Finding a place to stay while still in your home country can be quite challenging, so we advise you to start your search for accommodation as soon as possible. On this page we have made some suggestions to start of your search.

Short Stay Housing
If you make a reservation via SSH (Short Stay and Long Stay for (international students) please read the terms and conditions very carefully. Please note the following when considering applying via SSH:

  • Accommodation can never be guaranteed and depends on the demand at the given moment of housing request. Of course we do our best to help you where possible. 
  • You can’t terminate your contract earlier than indicated in the agreement;
  • Degree students (full bachelor or master programme) can only live there for the duration of exactly 12 months, other rental periods will not be approved: 15-08-2016 to 14-08-2017 or 26-08-2016 to 31-08-2017. 
  • Exchange students can choose either a semester of full academic year, depending on the duration of their stay.
  • Please contact us if you do not receive a notification about the receipt of your housing request within 3 days' time.

EUR housing website

Since not all students are able to get a room via SSH, there are different types of accommodation and multiple options to find another place to stay. Please have a look on the Erasmus University Rotterdam housing website for the most up to date and recommended housing providers.  You can arrange a room via our other partners like Xior Student Housing, and HousingAnywhere, or you can rent via the private market. Besides that, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) offers on Facebook an overview of available accommodations rented out by students who are going on exchange.

Before accepting an offer, read the rental conditions of the housing provider carefully, so that you know your rights and obligations! Make sure to read upon the legal aspects of renting a room in the Netherlands before signing anything.

Next to accommodation providers, the EUR housing website gives an extensive overview of other housing related information that might be useful for you as an international student in the Netherlands.

Temporary accommodations

Don't worry if you cannot move into an accommodation upon your arrival in Rotterdam immediately. There are several hostels and hotels in Rotterdam where you can stay temporarily. StayOkay Hostel Rotterdam even has a special offer for EUR-students!


We would not advice you to look for accommodation through anti-squat. Although it has its (financial) perks, there is a downside to it that you should keep in mind: most rent protection rules do not apply, which means that you can be evicted on a short notice. This could potentially leave you without a place to stay.

Areas in Rotterdam 

As with every big city, some areas are more suited for living as a student than others. Please look at this map for an overview of areas that are recommended for student housing.  In general, we would advice you not to look for accommodation in the south side area of Rotterdam. First of all this area is located a bit further from the campus than any of the other areas (35-45 minutes by bike and public transportation), and there is not a whole lot to do for students (it's not among the popular locations for students to live). Also, while the Netherlands and Rotterdam are generally safe places, this area does contain some of the more problematic neighbourhoods (though definitely not all of the south side area qualifies that way). We based this map on police information regarding crime rates.

More information

You can find more information about housing and other related practicalities for admitted students here.