Migration and integration

Anna Hunko

What are we researching?

We investigate why migrants come to the Netherlands and how migrants, with all their different backgrounds, find their way in the Netherlands. We also study factors that hinder the acquisition of a position, such as discrimination, a precarious residence status and/or ineffective policies. Our research focuses on both migrants (in particular refugees and temporary labour migrants) and the children of migrants who were born in the Netherlands. 

Why are we doing this research and in what way?

We would like to know how newcomers and their descendants' migration and integration process proceeds and what factors influence this. We also want to gain insight into the position of people who temporarily stay in the Netherlands through both quantitative and qualitative research. Our findings can help policymakers at the national and regional levels to improve their approach. We have extensive in-house expertise on migration, integration and civic integration policy and measures to improve coexistence between different population groups. Our research also contributes to an evidence-based public debate on migration and integration issues and raises new social questions.   

How does our research make an impact?

Our research is relevant for policy discussions on the design of migration policy and the design and implementation of integration policy. It also provides practical starting points to combat discrimination and improve living together in an ethnically diverse society. Our research has influenced the approach to the reception and integration of refugees, the new integration law and the return policy for rejected asylum seekers and irregular migrants. The results of our research have also influenced policy thinking about the migration society, in particular, the recognition that there is a greater diversity of countries of origin and that the stay of an increasing number of migrants is temporary. These changes place new demands on municipalities, education, housing and healthcare. We work together with municipalities, including Rotterdam. We have a lot of expertise in conducting evaluation research that provides insight into the effectiveness of the policy. We also have expertise in the co-creation of knowledge, in which science, policy and practice together deliver relevant and valuable insights. 

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