Design as research method

Haley Truong

Which research methods do we use?

We use the design method. Using probes, personas and forms of mapping, among other things, we gain a clear insight into the factors that perpetuate a problem. In this way, we understand reactions better and see for whom the policy is essential.

Why do we choose this type of research method?

Conventional research methods such as interviews, surveys and observations often do not provide a good picture of the complexity of a problem. They also fail to clarify the experiences of those who experience the problem and shed no light on how problem factors perpetuate a problem. Design methods can often be used to paint an adequate picture. And - even more important - to go from the issue to the solution, a design research approach offers many more handles to do this creatively.

How does our research method make an impact?

The use of design methods, both as a research method and for finding solutions, enables us to understand a problem much better in terms of cause-and-effect relationships, the perception of those involved and the involvement of multiple actors. Not only does this provide a much richer foundation on which to base a solution but finding the solution itself can take place in a much more creative and co-creative manner using designing methods. For example, having the participants in a workshop think about an analogy. This situation resembles the problem situation but offers new handles to deal with the problem situation in a new way. In concrete terms: if we were to furnish a hospital room like a hotel, what would it look like?

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