Please make sure that you are insured for medical expenses during your time in the Netherlands: starting with the day of your arrival and including the day of your departure.

All Dutch citizens are obliged by law to have basic insurance for medical expenses. International students are not automatically insured for medical assistance in the Netherlands. Before you come to the Netherlands, you need to make sure that you are properly insured against the costs of medical services. In most cases foreign insurance does not sufficiently cover medical expenses in the Netherlands. We strongly recommend that you take care of an insurance package. 

EUR suggests the following two Dutch providers of insurance packages for students, as the coverage meets all the legal requirements in the Netherlands:

These companies offer insurance packages for international students, covering medical expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, mental health, liability, and lost baggage and household goods coverage. 

More detailed information regarding health insurances can be found on the central website of EUR and Study in Holland website.