Building of the new EBL videolab started

We are happy to announce that the building of the new video observation facility at the Erasmus Behavioural Lab has started this month. The new videolab will take shape in the following weeks. Preceded by months of intensive preparations and design work, the plans have been approved last week, the order was given to all contractors and subcontractors, and the works have started already. 

ATTENTION: From the week 51 to week 1 (20 Dec 2021 to 9 Jan 2022) the whole EBL will be closed due to building and infrastructural works. In the weeks following the building work, the video and audio equipment will be installed, and the software environment will be tailored and developed. Planning is to open the new video facility by the end of March 2022. We hope to welcome you to our renewed video lab soon.

The new state-of-the-art EBL videolab will consist of two multipurpose observation rooms and a control room. One observation room, located in the Love Lab, will feature a homely and warm atmosphere and can be used to accommodate the high-quality scientific study of sensitive topics like intimate relationships, love, and sexuality. The other observation room will be of a more clinical appearance and can be arranged and used in any desired setting, e.g. a boardroom or a doctor’s office.

Both observation rooms will be equipped with multiple, remotely controllable, pan tilt and zoom cameras, with ceiling-mounted microphones as well as wearable wireless microphones. From a separate control room, the researcher will be able to control the sessions and manage the recordings. All the recordings will be automatically redirected to the specially for EUR developed software for video annotation and analysis, called Beats Portal. Beats Portal is an online cloud software, accessible from any place and on any device, using just the internet browser. Captured video material can be accessed, shared, and worked on in a team setting. Beats Portal complies to the highest standards of security and privacy regulations and has been certified for use with highly sensitive data.

For questions, please contact Mladen Acinger, laboratory manager, at

We hope to welcome you in our renewed video lab soon.

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