dr. (Asya) A Pisarevskaya


Asya Pisarevskaya is Assistant Professor of Migration and Diversity Governance. Currently, she studies migration-related diversities and modes of governance in European cities. She is a lecturer and thesis supervisor in an international Master Programme "Governance of Migration and Diveristy".  She is lead-researcher and manager of 'Rotterdam Inclusivity Project' that explores patterns of discrimination in the city of Rotterdam. She also currently researches how mid-sized cities in the Netherlands deal with local migration realities.

In the past she was involved in Horizon-funded project SprINg 'Sustainable Practices for newly arrived migrants', in which knowledge on integration policies and practices is made more accessible for practitioners.she was a project manager of the international Horizon 2020-funded project “CrossMigration” which created a global online library of migration research. During this project she explored how migration studies have developed over time as a scientific field.

Her wider research interests lie in the realm of comparative migration and diversity studies, integration policies and labour market participation of refugees. Dr. Pisarevskaya has obtained her PhD in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the University of Milan and the University of Turin (Italy). Her dissertation explored the role of policies in labour market integration of humanitarian migrants through a comparative study of seven European countries in the period of 1990-2008.

Keywords: integration policies, labour market integration, comparative analysis, migration-related diversity, migration governance

Sleutelwoorden: integratiebeleid, arbeidsmarktintegratie, vergelijkende analyse, migratie gerelateerde diversiteit, bestuur van migratie

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Assistant professor | Policy, Politics and Society
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Asya Pisarevskaya (21 January 2024) - Essay: een economisch kompas voor arbeidsmigratie
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (29 December 2023) - Research on mid-size cities and migration

  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Engaged Students for Inclusive Cities
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Cities of Migration: Understanding of the diversity of urban diversities in Europe
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Bruggen bouwen naar een effectieve integratie-infrastructuur
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Local assistance and support infrastructure for newly arrived migrants: pitfalls and possibilities
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Mapping migration-relation diversity and discrimination in European Cities
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Gülce Safak Özdemir
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Cities of Migration: Towards a better understanding of the diversity of urban diversities in Europe (book in progress)
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2023) - Pompeu Fabra University
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2022) - DPAS Ethics Committee (External organisation)
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2022) - Public Administration (Organisational unit)
  • Asya Pisarevskaya (2018) - IMISCOE Research Network (External organisation)

4.4 Thesis Research

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4.3 Designing Migration Policy Research

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4.1 Governance of Migration & Diversity

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4.2 Politics of Migration and Diversity

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Tool to support migrant integration practitioners

Researchers wrote a handbook to help policymakers, service providers, and advocates who work with migrants make their policies and practices more evidence-based.

Scientific evidence on migrant integration closer to practitioners

The SprINg evidence repository helps policymakers, service providers and advocates who work with migrants make their policies and practices more evidence based.
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H2020 grant for Sustainable Practices of Integrations

Dr. Asya Pisarevskaya, dr. William Voorberg and prof. dr. Peter Scholten of the Erasmus University Rotterdam participate in a newly awarded a European Horizon

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