(Vivian) V Visser, MSc


Vivian Visser is a post-doctoral researcher at the department of Public Administration and Sociology.  

She is currently involved in the Vital Cities and Citizens funded research project "One size doesn't fit all". To reduce social inequalities in participation, this project researches how public professionals can tailor citizen participation approaches by taking into account differences in citizens’ social, economic and cultural capital. The research focusses on two neighbourhoods in Rotterdam that experiment with innovation in neighbourhood participation and governance.  The project combines design-oriented methods with an action research approach, involving in-depth understanding of the perspectives of hard-to-reach groups, fostering innovative, out-of-the-box theorizing, practical applicability and societal impact. Crucially, instead of focusing on how citizens could adapt to extant institutional contexts, the project aims to develop tools for public professionals to tailor participation approaches to citizens.

Vivian's research interests include the changing relation between governments and citizens. She is particularly interested in the role that status differences between citizens play in participation processes. 

For her disseration, she conducted a mixed-method study  on governments’ and citizens’ perspectives on invitational governance; a governance style explicitly aimed at stimulating citizens' initiatives. 

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Assistant professor | Governance and Pluralism
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • E (Ellen) Minkman, V (Vivian) Visser, J (Jitske) van Popering - Verkerk & MW (Arwin) van Buuren (2020) - Energietransitie in Rotterdam
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  • V (Vivian) Visser (2019) - DPAS PhD Day
  • V (Vivian) Visser (2019) - Wij Maken Nederland Academie (External organisation)
  • Vivian Visser & Jitske Verkerk (2019) - Masterclass participatie in de fysieke leefomgeving
  • Vivian Visser, Jitske Verkerk & Arwin Buuren (2019) - Dag van de Participatie

  • Arwin van Buuren, Jitske van Popering - Verkerk & Vivian Visser (2019) - Erasmus Graduate School Award for PhD Excellence: Best conference paper

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3.5C Political Philosophy and Democracy

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4.4 Governance

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News regarding (Vivian) V Visser, MSc

ODISSEI supports research on inequality in citizen participation

Vivian Visser, Willem de Koster and Jeroen van der Waal from the department of Public Administration and Sociology have received an ODISSEI grant.

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