Emotional disorders

Emotionele stoornis
  • Matthias Wieser

    prof. dr. Matthias J. Wieser

    Cognitive and affective neuroscience of anxiety and pain

    Prof. dr. Wieser is an expert in EEG research of social, affective and cognitive processes underlying anxiety and pain.

  • Colin van der Heiden
    Colin van der Heiden

    prof. dr. Colin van der Heiden

    Mental health, generalised anxiety disorders.

    His research interests lie mainly in the area of improving treatments for anxiety disorders. Van der Heiden wants to strengthen the cooperation between clinical practice and university and contribute to research and education in the area of effective interventions. He mainly focuses on increasing the effectiveness of existing treatments for anxiety disorders.

  • portret

    dr. Freddy van der Veen

    Cognitive and affective neuroscience of individual differences in feedback processing

    Van der Veen is an expert in EEG and Autonomic Nervous System research of individual differences in social and romantic feedback processing.

  • Handtekening Erasmus

    dr. Marta Andreatta

    Associative learning and emotional memories

    Psychophysiology is the research expertise. She uses vitual reality to investigate the emotional processes in ecological environments.

  • dr. Anita Harrewijn

    Developmental psychopathology, specifically anxiety in children

    Dr. Anita Harrewijn examines cognitive and neurobiological processes involved in the development of anxiety symptoms in children. She has a special interest in adolescence, a pivotal developmental period for social and neural changes as well as the development of anxiety.

  • dr. Marianne Littel

    Working mechanisms and effectiveness of (new applications) of EMDR and mindfulness

    EMDR, mindfulness, some expertise in addiction/ attentional bias/ memory reconsolidation research (re-setting memories).

  • portret

    dr. Helen Tibboel

    Automatic evaluation and attention bias in sexuality

    Examining automatic processes in the context of sexuality and relationships.

  • Alex Wong

    dr. Alex Wong

    Associative learning in anxiety-related psychopathology

    The research expertise from dr. Alex Wong lies in the generalization, maintenance and reduction of pathological fear and avoidance.

  • Asimina Aslanidou

    Asimina Aslanidou, MSc.

    Threat learning and defensive responses

    My research is focused on fear generalization and its manifestation in the psychophysiological, affective and cognitive level.

  • Marcelo Malbec

    Marcelo Malbec, MSc.

    Intolerance of uncertainty

    My PhD project examines different neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the transdiagnostic risk factor intolerance of uncertainty.

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