prof.dr. (Matthias) MJ Wieser



The ultimate goal of my research program is twofold:

(1) to characterize and understand the (neuro-)cognitive and affective processes underlying core aspects of social vision, aversive learning, cognition-emotion interactions, emotional reactivity, and pain perception,

(2) to apply the basic knowledge of core processes obtained from studies of healthy populations to better delineate the dysfunctions of basic (neuro-)cognitive and affective processes in fear, anxiety, and pain.


Main Research Topics:

1. Experimental clinical psychology and affective neuroscience:

  • Biased emotion processing in (Social) Anxiety
  • Electro-cortical correlates of social fear conditioning
  • Neural correlates and differentiation of anticipatory anxiety and phasic fear
  • Contextual influences on face processing

2. Experimental pain research:

  • Affective modulation of pain
  • Affective and cognitive determinants of placebo and nocebo effects
  • Anticipation of pain and its relationship to anxiety

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Full professor | Clinical Psychology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Matthias Wieser (2018) - Cognition & Emotion (Journal)

  • Matthias Wieser, Marta Andreatta, Ruth Van der Hallen, Yvonne van Everdingen, Janna Papma, Anita Jamshidnejad, Bart De Schutter, Rafael Bidarra & Michael Weinmann (2021) - The use of state-of-the-art VR technologies for diagnosis and treatment of socio-affective cognition deficits in mental disorders – From bench to bedside

KU Leuven

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oktober 2016
End date approval
december 9999
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Hogrefe Publishing

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maart 2019
End date approval
december 9999
Editor Journal of Experimental Psychology

3.3 Pain

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