Global Social Challenges


Researchers in the Global Social Challenges team contribute in various ways to the Bachelor Management of International Social Challenges.

Research interns

Each year, the Global Social Challenges research group allows five students from ESSB to gain experience in researching global social challenges.

Meet our research interns

  • Hannah van den Brink is a third-year bachelor's student in Management of International Social Challenges. She puts a lot of energy into and gets out of approaching problems from different perspectives. That's why she is pursuing a double major in Philosophy and is an active member of the Erasmus Investment Society. She is passionate about positive change and focuses on energy transition. She uses her knowledge to approach climate change from different angles.


  • Femke Verburg is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and is interested in conducting research. Within the research group Global Social Challenges, she focuses on nuclear safety and non-proliferation. In doing so, she looks explicitly at how civil society can contribute to non-proliferation and a safe nuclear world.


  • Claire Weiser is a second-year Management of International Social Challenges student. She is originally from the United States and has always been interested in international studies. She is helping Dr. Pieter Tuytens research what conditions facilitate successful policy investments. This is interesting as the research produced may have implications for the future of policymaking. It also enables a better understanding of what institutional structures allow long term policymaking.


  • Natasha Ogier Russell is a second-year Honours student studying Management of International Social Challenges. In 2020 she moved from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands. She assists Dr. Jennifer Holland in the Global Social Challenge ‘Population and Society’. During her internship, she will explore how animal rights can be linked to population issues, such as growing middle classes and rising demand for meat products.


  • Berfu Ege Söbe is a double degree student studying Management of International Social Challenges and Global Law. Berfu’s interest lies in supranational organizations, policymaking, and global development. Berfu studies the European Union through different perspectives within the Global Social Challenges research group, including enforcement, legitimacy, and others.


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