City of Rotterdam

The City of Rotterdam is partner of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Rotterdam can be regarded as a laboratory with many (new) social developments. It is a city with a wide diversity of social challenges and ESSB researchers engage with the city by sharing and developing new knowledge for wicked urban problems. 

Knowledge Labs

ESSB is closely involved in the Knowledge Labs, which consists of researchers of various disciplines and representatives of the City of Rotterdam and other knowledge institutions. The Knowledge Labs relate to the knowledge questions of the City of Rotterdam. 

Article on Rotterdam co-creation, urban living labs and knowledge labs by dr. Philip Karré, prof. Derk Loorback and others. 

  • Liveable Neighbourhoods

    The Knowledge Lab Liveable Neighbourhoods aims to improve the quality of neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. The knowledge Lab deliberately uses existing knowledge and experiences in the field of improving liveability. Thus knowledge is co-created.

    Contact: prof.dr. Godfried Engbersen en dr. Erik Snel 

  • Rotterdam Talent

    This Knowledge Lab focuses on contributing to the development of knowledge of talented people in the city. Moreover, the Knowledge Lab stimulates the exchange and application of this knowledge, which contributes to improving the quality of education policy and the practice of education in the city. 

    Contact: drs. Tom Tudjman  
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  • Erasmus Urban Youth Lab

    The Erasmus Urban Youth Lab (EUYL) is a collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, IVO research institute, and the Erasmus Medical Center. EUYL wants to contribute to knowledge development in the area of vulnerable youth in a metropolitan environment. In addition, EUYL wants to contribute to the application of this knowledge by connecting science and practice. 

    Contact: prof.dr. Sabine Severiens
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  • Urban Big Data

    How to increase the valuable use of big data? What is needed to enable this and which risks are at play? Which data are available and how reliable are they? What about privacy? The Knowledge Lab Urban Big Data looks into these and other questions.

    Contact: dr. Rebecca Moody en dr. Fadi Hirzalla
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  • Urban Labour Market 

    The labour market is perhaps the biggest challenge of Rotterdam, as offer and demand do not correspond. Therefore, the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam have founded the Knowledgde Lab Urban Labour Market.

    Contact: prof.dr. Menno Fenger

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  • Erasmus Smart Port

    In response to the Port of Rotterdam's need for solid knowledge, Erasmus University has gathered its maritime and port-related research and education in SmartPort@Erasmus, the center of excellence offering port-related education and research.

    Contact: prof.dr. Harry Geerlings
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  • ST-RAW for youth policy

    ST-RAW (before: DWARS) is the renewed academic hub for the youth aid chain. Together with partners from the working field, policy, education and science ST-RAW wants to provide a solid knowledge foundation to youth aid and municipal youth policy in Rotterdam.

    Contact: dr. Jacqueline Schenk en dr. Patricia Vuijk
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  • BIG Rotterdam

    The urban environment poses many challenges for both the local government and citizens. BIG’R aims to offer Rotterdam a sustainable knowledge infrastructure with which public services are able to work more cost efficient. In addition, the knowledge can be beneficial for citizens.

    Contact: prof.dr. Semiha Denktas
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  • Healthy'R

    Healthy‘R is the knowledgde centre of the City of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The goal is to help citizens of Rotterdam choose healthier behaviour.

    Contact: prof.dr. Semiha Denktas
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  • ST-RAW

    Within ST-RAW, fourteen organisations from within the entire youth assistance chain work together with the same goal. To help give youngsters equal chances in Rotterdam's youth policy.

    Participants EUR-ESSB: dr. Jacqueline Schenk
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