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To offer our students the opportunity to prepare for an international career, Erasmus University College (EUC) cooperates with the Language and Training Centre of Erasmus University to offer optional language courses. It is important that students contact EUC before they register for the course.

Each language course will be offered over the duration of a semester, allowing for the practice and rehearsal that are key in mastering a new language from scratch. Besides joining in groups of up to twelve students for weekly language sessions under guidance of the instructor, we expect our students to invest a lot of time in preparation, discussions with their fellow language students and self-study.

Currently, courses are offered in Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, all at a beginner's level, which are aimed at:

  • Daily conversation: to develop the ability to speak and understand daily conversations, such as greeting people, asking the way, buying in the shops, visiting friends, etc.;
  • Phonetics: to develop the essential skills of pronouncing speech sounds;
  • Basic grammar: to learn cases of substantive aspects and times of verbs, to build up the ability to formulate simple sentences;
  • Reading and writing. 

Students who successfully conclude a beginner’s level course will have access to language courses at more advanced levels. Furthermore, in case the student successfully completes the language course, EUC offers possibilities for reimbursement of the course fee (excluding costs for intake, reading materials, and the exam fee) for 3 courses per school year and up to 300,- per course. For more information on the reimbursement procedure and conditions, please get in touch with OSEA (Office of Student & Educational Affairs).

Besides these language courses, at EUC you will be immersed in a multilingual student body where you will have ample opportunity to interact with other students who speak a multitude of languages.

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