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Erasmus University College (EUC) offers a three-year Bachelor's degree programme (BSc) in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Think of the programme as breadth plus depth, where you're challenged to explore many areas of academia to build perspective and connections between disciplines. You're taught in the academic skills to put your knowledge to work. And ultimately you specialize in an area, one of our four 'Majors', that will prepare you for a Master's degree programme or career path in one of 1,000 directions.

EUC's four departments are:

  • Life Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Economics and Business
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences

Erasmus University College (EUC) offers an inspiring mix of structure and freedom; enough structure to ensure that your bachelor degree is specific and valuable, with enough freedom to let you explore. During your three years here you will spend roughly one third of your time on required courses and the remainder on pursuing your Major, as well as exploring electives and extra-curricular courses to create your own, unique, three-year programme.


Students at Erasmus University College (EUC) study three years in order to graduate for their Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. During those three years you will take both mandatory Academic Core (ACC) courses to give you a solid foundation in knowledge and skills as well as declare a Major, while still keeping a lot of choice available to yourself. As such the path that each of our students follows in our curriculum will most likely be different to some extent. 

Throughout their academic career, students will learn in an active environment. Most of the first year courses and a few year two and three follow a method a learning called Problem Based Learning. When this is not possible, case studies or other form of active learning will be used.

Year 1 in a nutshell

As a student at EUC you will first focus on a distinct Academic Core, consisting of five engaging interdisciplinary courses and four academic skills courses. The interdisciplinary courses look at big themes through the lens of multiple disciplines. Skills courses, however, will fulfill two separate goals. First and foremost, these courses develop your potential to excel in an academic setting (e.g. writing, presenting, referencing). At a later stage, these courses will introduce you to the world of research. Last but not least, you will start personalizing your curriculum by choosing three additional courses from a multitude of courses offered by EUC.

Year 2 in a nutshell

In your second year, you will start to focus on what we call a Major, a track of up to 10 courses that allow you to specialise your knowledge and skills into a particular field of academics. Majors are available at EUC in four distinct academic departments: Economics & Business, Life Sciences, Social & Behavioural Sciences and Humanities. In parallel to the courses in your declared Major you will also deepen your knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative research, enabling you to tackle the ever increasing availability of data in your professional future.

Year 3 in a nutshell

Your third year at EUC is the moment when you can further personalize your curriculum, for example by going on exchange or by taking a minor. You will conclude your studies at EUC with a capstone project, which is your opportunity to combine all the knowledge you have acquired throughout your academic career.


For a graphical overview of all courses as well as an example EUC curriculum, click here.

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