Current facets (Pre-Master)

EUCjr is a new programme at Erasmus University College (EUC) for students from 5VWO who are excited to already experience what university is like. During this programme, the students will follow classes at EUC within the different departments. When experiencing different Academic fields, the students will have a better picture of what this in fact entails and would therefore be in a better position to discover which study suits him or her. Additionally, EUCjr students will participate in a great variety of workshops focusing on how to apply to university, learning about student loans and simply how a university works. The workshops are also designed to impart practical skills which will help participants to make the most of future opportunities in both the work and study sphere. Through learning how to present, debate and write in an Academic style, participants will feel more confident in their future endeavours. Practical sessions that involve experiencing the Academic and Institutional culture are part of the programme as well. Also, since self-awareness can have a significant influence in the process of choosing your studies, workshops in discovering self-identity are offered. In summary, EUCjr is a unique opportunity to try out what university is like, develop a higher sense of self-awareness and acquire a tool-set which will help students in achieving their future goals and ambitions.

Programme overview

EUCjr consists of 8 full days spread over the months February, March and April (see schedule of 2017). Every day will start with a problem-based learning session on a specific subject. This will be an interactive and small-scale study session, for which self-study is expected to be done for the next class. The rest of the day is filled with lectures, workshops and learning practical skills such as how to apply to university or retorica session.

Schedule 2018 

Day 1

Wednesday - January 31

Day 2    

Wednesday - February 7                                                                                                                  

Day 3

Thursday - February 15*

Day 4

Friday - February 23*

Day 5

Wednesday - March 7

Day 6

Friday - March 16

Day 7

Wednesday - March 28

Day 8

Friday - April 6

*This day deviates from the schedule on the flyer


After successfully finishing the 8-day programme, you will receive a certificate of completion. This means that you will have learnt to work together effectively in a small group, have mastered research-related skills, and familiarized yourself with an academic environment. Additionally, you will have experienced the different subjects offered at EUC, providing you with a better understanding of the different fields of study and how they are interconnected. You will have also learned about the opportunities that studying at a university can offer, and how to use your own talents and strengths in order to achieve your goals. 

Apply and Contact

You have received an application form within your class or school during the information session. If you missed this, or you want to ask any other question related to EUCjr, please contact Iris Bos at