Erasmus Centre for Liberal Arts & Sciences (ECLAS)

Erasmus University College (EUC) is a confident and cooperative member of the Erasmus University and proud citizen of Rotterdam. EUC stands for high quality multidisciplinary teaching and innovative practice-oriented education.

EUC's position as a hub shows in various promising collaboration networks, such as the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL), the Natural History Museum-EUC-Erasmus MC network or the TU Delft – Erasmus MC -Erasmus University covenant.

EUC aims to mobilize and enlarge the skills, knowledge, and creativity of all members of its community – students, staff, and stakeholders – in order to engage with complex societal issues.

In order to fully exploit its potential, EUC founded the Erasmus Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECLAS) to provide a solid basis for continuous improvement of multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary education and research on a wide range of subjects.

Within ECLAS, we aim for a broad definition of research in the sense of scholarship. Research in Liberal Arts and Sciences defines the practice of knowledge creation, dissemination and valorisation as academic work that encompasses a variety of activities and takes place within a variety of genres. Writing for peer reviewed scientific journals, popular media, co-shaping cultural activities in Rotterdam or internationally, writing essays, even poetry – all are modes of involving and engaging different audiences in our work. Scholarship of education entails engagement with society, such that real-world issues directly inform educational programmes.

In line with this mission, ECLAS is established as a center for the entire EUC community, including staff, students, alumni and external stakeholders.

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