dr. (Alexander) AA Strelkov


I am an inquisitive political scientist who conducts societally relevant research as well as engages in innovative teaching. Bridging the divide between comparative politics and international relations, I use my expertise in international regime theory, EU foreign policy, political dynamics in Eurasia and the Balkans, democracy and rule of law promotion as well as qualitative methods in order to provide policy-relevant insight to address contemporary challenges.

Erasmus University College

Lecturer | Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Nieuwemarkt 1A, Rotterdam


  • Alexander Strelkov (2022) - The consequences of war in Ukraine for Russia: doom and gloom
  • AA (Alexander) Strelkov (2022) - Ukraine invasion: politics to humanitarianism
  • Alexander Strelkov (2019) - The role of the rule of law in EU accession
  • Alexander Strelkov (2018) - Rule of law in EU accession
  • Alexander Strelkov (2016) - How to sustain reforms in Ukraine

Politics of Public Policy

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