Researcher profiles

  • (Wander) WM van Baalen, MA

    Profile Wander van Baalen is a PhD candidate at Codarts University for the Arts and a lecturer in the Humanities department at Erasmus University College. After…
    (Wander) WM van Baalen, MA
  • (Sanne) S Boersma, PhD

    (Sanne) S Boersma, PhD
  • (Samantha) SMS Breuer, MSc

    Samantha Breuër is a native from Rotterdam, who obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a lecturer, her interest lies…
    (Samantha) SMS Breuer, MSc
  • dr. (Romit) R Chowdhury

    Romit Chowdhury is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Erasmus University College. He primarily teaches courses in Urban Sociology, Gender Studies, and…
    dr. (Romit) R Chowdhury
  • dr. (Anthony) A Cooper

    I am a lecturer in Social Science at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and teach within the Political Science and International Politics Major…
    dr. (Anthony) A Cooper
  • (Jop) JC Dispa

    Jop Dispa is a lecturer in Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University College. His expertise lies in topics of state and citizenship. Often applied…
    (Jop) JC Dispa
  • drs. (Lisa) LA Doeland

    drs. (Lisa) LA Doeland
  • (Amira) AK Fretz

    International law; queer theory & queer of colour critique; human rights; feminist legal theory; decolonial theory 
    (Amira) AK Fretz
  • dr. (Masood) M Gheasi

    dr. (Masood) M Gheasi
  • (Lisenne) LIS Giel, MSc

    Lisenne Giel grew up in Rotterdam where she studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She has always been interested in research & academia. She…
    (Lisenne) LIS Giel, MSc

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