FAQ about Hora Finita

  • There may be several reasons for this. Please report this to the Hora Finita contact for your faculty or Graduate School. Provide your name and ERNA ID, and also report if you do not have an ERNA ID (yet). Your Hora Finita support contact may pass the question on to other support staff. 

    Link: Faculty contacts for Hora Finita support

  • Image - Log in to Hora Finita
    • Go to horafinita.eur.nl and then click on 'login with erna id/microsectienummer'. 
    • You will be lead to the SURFconext service and asked to select your institution.
    • Select Erasmus University Rotterdam.
    • Log in with your erna id.
  • You will receive a notification from Hora Finita after your successful registration.

    • A non-Dutch, certified Master diploma must be validated by the Admissions Office. A copy will be made and certified for archive purposes. Certification of a non-Dutch diploma can be done by an embassy, any other competent authority or a solicitor/notary. 
    • A Dutch Master diploma can be certified by the Beadle’s Office.
  • The assessment of the knowledge level of a candidate for a PhD is a responsibility of the Faculty, with the Rector Magnificus as the ultimate responsible person. The candidate must prove eligibility by uploading a portfolio (so far), a CV and a letter of appraisal of the promoter.

  • It is possible to deviate from the 'standard'. Three promoters and/or co-promoters can, therefore, be registered in Hora Finita. The Dean advises the Rector Magnificus who must ultimately give permission. It is allowed to assign three supervisors from different departments.

  • Any variation of a joint/double degree can be recorded during the registration, together with a number of basic data. If there is already an agreement, it can be attached (uploaded). If such an agreement comes later, the Hora Finita contact person of the Faculty or Graduate School can add it to the file. A paper version must also be kept.

  • The individual courses are registered and approved in Hora Finita. This records the number of ECs achieved. 
    You have the option to add a certificate to the file.