AICON is the AiPact initiative’s interdisciplinary project, connecting citizens, artists and researchers in an exploration of the social-beneficial potential and challenges of AI. This collaborative project focuses on empowering communities, allowing them to discover what defines their environment and how they engage with the world.

It revolves around co-creation and takes into consideration cross-disciplinary concepts that do not fit within traditional databases. Ultimately the hope is that this will contribute to democratizing AI, making it understandable and accessible to communities while promoting an alternative way to collaborate and urging to re-examine the values which define a society and its citizens.

Watch the AICON short video trilogy Connection, Imagination, Movement

Impact in Sight part 1 - AICON is connection

Student Aki Negate and researcher Moniek Buijzen, along with artists and residents, talk about how they use art to narrow the gap between ordinary citizens and AI.

Student Aki Negate met onderzoeker Moniek Buijzen

Impact in Sight part 2 - AICON is imagination

It's very tough to imagine how to incorporate AI into society or into your daily life. This episode is all about Imagination and AI.

Still from the AICON video series

Impact in Sight part 3 - AICON is movement

AI is a quite an abstract concept. Did you know that AI is being used to find the perfect balance in a coral? This episode is all about movement and AI.

Still from the third AICON video 'Movement'

More about AICON

  • Social media – follow AICON on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • News release about AICON: 'AI is changing the world, the question is how'
  • Gallery – visit the virtual exhibition of the AICON project Stadsgezichten (Portraits of the City) in the Metaverse on Muse
  • Open Sea – view and purchase the NFTs made with the AICON Stadsgezichten project.
  • Ronnies op Zuid Podcast - listen to AICON artist Peim van der Sloot and Rotterdam citizen and Albeda student Harun Senih Sevinc who talk about Artificial Intelligence (in Dutch)
  • Ronnies op Zuid Podcast – listen to Farshida Zafar (ErasmusX) and Sarina van la Parra (Chance to Influence) who talk about AICON (in Dutch)
  • AiPact Medium Blog – read this post by Moniek Buijzen on why we need art to cocreate the Societal Impact of AI
  • AiPact Medium Blog – read this post by Moniek Buijzon on how AICON showcases a ‘radicareful’ alternative system
  • AiPact Medium Blog – read this interview with Olivier Dikken from #teamAICON about AICON and the potential and ethical challenges of AI
  • AICON home – read more about AICON, the Hefhouse, and radical education innovation at the ErasmusX homepage

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