AiPact workshop project: AImaginaries

Futuristische voorstelling met eekhoorns

What is the project about?

While all-knowing general AI remains a futuristic concept – increasingly sophisticated forms of AI are playing a growing role in our politics, institutions, economies, cultures, and daily lives. While these technologies offer great promise, there are also pervasive risks of social exclusion and inequality due to biases, black boxes, digital illiteracy divides, and many other issues.

As social AI scientists, we're on a mission to demystify AI and make it more accessible to people from all walks of life. With these workshops, we want to introduce people to the possibilities and limitations of generative AI tools like Chat GPT, HuggingChat, Blockade Labs, and DALL-E, and encourage creative and reflective uses of these tools.

But it's not just about playing with cool new tech - we also need to think about the future we want to create with AI technology. That's why our goal is to develop justice driven future scenarios by using – and reflecting – on these tools. By working together with participants, we explore different ideas, AI-technologies and uses, priorities, and conceptions of justice in an effort to help shape a more inclusive and sustainable AI transition.

The output of each workshop is unique, with text-written scenarios and visual material. Ultimately, the outcomes of these workshops will be turned into an interactive work of art that reflects co-created visions for more just technological futures

Practical details

Group size:        max. 15 people per session.

Language:          Dutch or English

Time:                  2 hours.

Location:            We can come to you, but we can also arrange a space at the Erasmus campus in Rotterdam.

Materials:          Bring your own laptop (if this is a problem let us know in time so we can make arrangements).

Costs:                 Free.

Contact us

Email address

Interested to learn more, co-organize a workshop with us, participate, give us tips, work together on an art project or something else? Please send us an email.

Who are we?

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