Place branding and tourism

Place branding faces the challenge of reinventing or reaffirming the image of a place, often a city or region. The state of the actual urban economy is of importance, but just as important is the perception that investors, firms, residents, visitors and tourists, have of the city and its economy.

Measuring succes

Famous cities and established toursim region profit from growing foreign and domestic tourism. Moreover, events are important instruments of place branding and tourism policy alike. They can attract new visitors and they allow these visitors to forge a lasting, hopefully positive, mental image of the city. However,tourism and large events also create challenges in (overly) successful destination.

Addressing all urbanites

Erasmus UPTs experts consult and research many questions of place branding and place marketing. We offer a unique data-driven perspective on tourism development.

Actual questions our experts are working on: How to develop an effective place branding strategy? Which factors drive city image? How to build a city brand? How to address crowding due to over tourism?

Thorough and fact-based 

By combining data research and strategy building, we can help cities and marketing organisations, as well as tourism policy makers, make better decisions. And thereby help economies and citizens thrive.

Relevant projects

  • The image of Rotterdam, the Hague and the metropolitan areas as location for firms and organisations 
  • The image of The Hague as perceived by foreign consumers 
  • National City Marketing Monitor 
  • Branding Brabant 
  • The added value of the brand VVV

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