SMARTDEST research project: cities as mobility hubs

UPT is a partner of the SMARTDEST consortium. SMARTDEST is an EU-funded H2020 research project, bringing together 11 universities and 1 innovation centre from seven European and Mediterranean countries. It aims to develop innovative solutions to the externalities that are produced by tourism-related mobilities in cities. To do so, the project will inform the design of alternative policy options for more socially inclusive places in the age of mobilities. For three years (January 2020 to December of 2022) the project will conduct research and development activities using 8 cities/metropolitan regions. These include four cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Jerusalem and Venice) in which social imbalances have arisen in relation to the contemporary development of tourism mobilities, and that are actively looking for solutions in the planning, regulatory or social innovation fields.

Erasmus UPT - Smartdest

UPT is currently involved to conduct an assessment of regional trends of transportation, social, and smart cities at EU level and their evolution over the past twenty years. The goal is to establish associations between tourism growth, social inclusion/exclusion, and smart technologies, and to identify the regions that represent successful models as sustainable tourism destinations, from a social, financial, and environmental point of view.

List of outputs:

  • SMARTDEST detailed presentation: click here
  • The initial report presents the conceptual, methodological and empirical framework of the research: click here

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