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When you are accompanied by your partner and/or children, read below what the Erasmus University offers and what you can expect from the Netherlands:  

  • The EUR offers an extensive Dual Career Program, helping partners to set up their own life and career in the Netherlands. This tailormade program offers coaching, trainings, social support and assistance with finding potential new employers (success rate over 90%). Signing up for the Dual Career Program when you are still living abroad can improve chances of a smooth transition for the partner.
  • The Erasmus University (EUR) will assist you with the first residence permit application of your partner and/or children. 
  • Partners of researchers and highly skilled migrants are free on the Dutch labour market.
  • The Netherlands value a healthy work-life balance, which allows people to spend time with their family during the week and in the weekends
  • Dutch children are ranked to be the among the happiest children in the world. (UNICEF report 2020)
  • The Dutch education system is free and of high quality. It offers many different types of schools, allowing you and your child to find a school that works for you. More about Primary EducationSecondary Education and international Schools.
  • Childcare facilities in the Netherlands generally provide a high quality of care. They are expensive, but most people receive a large part of the childcare fees back from the government through childcare benefits. Please keep in mind only those with an employment contract are eligible for childcare benefits. The Erasmus University Rotterdam holds a childcare facility on its premises: Partou.


If you have any questions about the family matters above, please contact HR International.

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