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Visa and Residence permit

If you plan to bring your family, you must also apply for a MVV (Entry visa) and/or VVR (Residence Permit) for your family members. If you possess or are entitled to a Residence Permit as a highly skilled migrant or a scientific researcher according to EU guidelines, your family members will receive the same residence status as you. This means, among other things, that your husband or wife is also exempt from the TWV (Work Permit) requirement.

The following conditions are set:

  • In case you and your accompanying partner (or a partner arriving later) are married or are registered as partners, you have to submit a copy of the legalised marriage certificate or certificate of registered partnership. 
  • In case you and your partner are unmarried or aren't registered partners, please enclose a copy of the legalised unmarried status declaration. The unmarried status declaration must come from the country of origin. 
  • Your accompanying children (or children that join you later) are not older than 18. It is not easy to bring along children who are older than 18 years. Their application is evaluated/processed separately from the application for the other family members.
  • You have adequate financial means to maintain your family in the Netherlands.

The applications for your family members also go through your HR department. It is not necessary to apply for an MVV and/or VVR at the same time that your application is submitted, although doing it together is more convenient. Even if applications were submitted at the same time, it does not mean that all family members must come over at the same time. They can still choose between travelling to the Netherlands together with you, or at a later stage.

After receiving a positive answer on your MVV application, you have three months to pick up your MVV sticker from the embassy. Subsequently, the MVV is valid for three months for the purpose of travelling to the Netherlands.

Partners always receive a VVR for maximum of one year. Minor children always receive a VVR for the same duration as that of the parent with the VVR with the longest validity.

Registration with the Town hall

For registration in the BRP the birth certificates of the family members will also be required. A marriage certificate or declaration of partnership (no older than 6 months) is required to demonstrate a relationship with the partner. All official documents must be translated into Dutch, English, German or French and bear the necessary stamps (apostille, legalisation and, if necessary, verification).

The following documents must be submitted for registration in the BRP:

  • A valid passport;
  • Proof of legal stay, for example proof that an application for a residence permit has been submitted;
  • A rental contract, evidence of boarding at an address or the title deed to ones house;
  • Birth certificate (if applicable: provided with an apostille or legalisation stamp and verified if necessary).

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