Healthy at work

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) offers a safe, respectful, and healthy work environment. With our health and safety policies, we create a pleasant atmosphere for you to work in and strive for a good work-life balance. We offer various activities and services that contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing – more information on these you will find below.

Sports at the EUR campus

We invite all our employees to visit our sports center, which hosts various solo and group programs as well as a full-scale gym. As an employee, your subscription is heavily discounted. Currently, we’re building a new, sustainable and more modern sports center at the heart of our campus.

Want to take a look at our new, sustainable and more modern sports center?

Erasmus sport building

Erasmus Vitaal

The Erasmus Vitaal program was created to stimulate our employees to be active and stay healthy. Twice a week, our personal trainers take you through half an hour of exercise designed to activate your whole body. Normally these sessions are hosted at our sports center, but due to Covid-19 Erasmus Vitaal is currently being offered online. This way, we can still work on our physical wellbeing despite working from home or remotely.

Physical therapy

Have you sustained an injury? EUR has a physical therapy clinic on campus. In this one-man practice, a qualified physio- and manual therapist helps you with advice, guidance, and treatment. He will help you recover from any injuries and provide you with tips to avoid them in the future.

Health check

In Dutch, we have a saying: “voorkomen is beter dan genezen”. In short, it means that preventing something is preferable to curing it. As such, all EUR employees can request a health scan once every three years free of charge. This way, we stay informed about our health.


EUR pursues an active policy to reduce illness-related absenteeism. This policy is intended to identify the causes, in particular the work-related causes, provide support and assistance to accelerate re-integration, and prevent absenteeism in general.

Undesired behaviour

EUR actively tries to prevent all undesired behaviour. You can find more information about our policy on this topic here.

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