Job Agreement (Banenafspraak)

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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) believes in the success of diverse teams. As such, EUR wants to offer opportunities to people with a functional impairment and thus fulfil the requirements of the job agreement (in Dutch: Banenafspraak).

Every talent counts

Everyone has talents. EUR wants to enable its staff to fulfil their potential by helping them develop and use their talent. Everyone can thus contribute in their own way to the success of our university. We offer a challenging and ambitious working environment with a friendly culture where colleagues feel at home and can be themselves.

Everybody is different and brings their own talents. Which job suits someone depends on their education, background, experience and ambitions. The options are therefore wide-ranging and diverse. We currently employ people with a functional impairment in many different positions. For example, tutors, scientific researchers, administrative assistants, stewards, post and logistic employees, policy staff, IT staff, secretaries and team support. There are many possibilities.

Medewerkers via Banenafspraak

Like to know more?

Would you like to work with us? And are you part of the target group of the job agreement? We would like to meet you to discuss the options!

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Here I'm just Christina.
Christina Berenfinger
I've felt at home here since day 1.
Michel Tieleman
Sign language is my native language.
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Each employee needs different support. The degree of guidance needed will vary from employee to employee, from fully being able to work independently to the need of more frequent guidance. Thus it is important that the parties involved have discussed this in advance. This could involve matters such as the working days and hours, any adjustments that may be necessary for the workplace and the available facilities. Often this is done in consultation with the job coach.

We work with permanent job coaches. The job coach provides support during the selection process and is the point of contact for the candidates and manager.

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers training to help supervisors and managers in providing guidance and support to a new employee with a functional impairment. During this training, they receive information, theories, practice examples and tools to support new employees in their job.

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