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Join Philosophy lectures in English

In cooperation with the Erasmus School of Philosophy, Erasmus Academie gives you the option to attend lectures in the Bachelor Philosophy. 

Study at day time or in the evening

Do you have the ambition to study Philosophy? Is combining a Bachelor Philosophy with your job, family or study a challenge? Consider taking part in lectures of your choice. One block takes 5 weeks and consists of lectures, workgroups, an exam and a resit. 

In the current age of uncertainty and rapidly advancing technologies, knowledge of philosophical problems and skills remains relevant. You will learn to express arguments clearly and to think critically and creatively.


Below you will find all courses that are available in English. Some of those courses will be recorded and be available in Canvas. If you want to join a Bachelor 3 course, you need to have completed 90 EC by taking Bachelor 1 and Bachelor 2 modules previously.

Important: Due to the holiday season our university is closed from December 21st until January 4th. Unfortunately it is not possible to process any new registrations for the modules starting on January. 


YearStart in weekModuleTopic
Ba131/8/2020Early EnlightenmentHistory of Philosophy
Ba131/8/2020Essential Contemporary ChallengesPractical Philosophy
Ba231/8/2020Philosophy of Science ITheoretical Philosophy
Ba231/8/2020Technology and Social ChangePhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba15/10/2020Thought ExperimentsTheoretical Philosophy
Ba15/10/2020The Quest for Man IPhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba25/10/2020Philosophy of Science IITheoretical Philosophy
Ba25/10/2020CritiquePhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba116/11/2020The Quest for Man IIPhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba111/1/2021EcophilosophyPhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba211/1/2021Philosophy of Science IIITheoretical Philosophy
Ba311/1/2021Narrative IdentitiesPractical Philosophy
Ba311/1/2021Women PhilosophersPhilosophy of humanity and culture
Ba115/2/2021The High Enlightenment IHistory of Philosophy
Ba122/3/2021The High Enlightenment IIHistory of Philosophy
Ba222/3/2021Descartes and SpinozaHistory of Philosophy
Ba13/5/2021Social and Political PhilosophyPractical Philosophy
Ba17/6/2021Moral PhilosophyPractical Philosophy
Ba27/6/2021AestheticsPhilosophy of humanity and culture

The Timetables of the modules will be available through the Course Guide after 10 August 2020. 


The fee to attend is € 285 per course. The administrative fee is € 40 per year. It is possible to register for courses throughout of the year. 

Do you need more information about this programme?

Please contact our coordinator, Eleni Koulouki