Researcher profielen

  • (Mans) MHD Abrahamson

    Måns Abrahamson is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Philosophy and Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE). His research project is part…
    (Mans) MHD Abrahamson
  • dr. (Robin) R van den Akker

    **Robin van den Akker is Senior Lecturer Continental Philosophy and Cultural Studies in, and academic program coordinator of, the Humanities Department of…
    dr. (Robin) R van den Akker
  • (Lydia) L Baan Hofman, MA

    (Lydia) L Baan Hofman, MA
  • (Sophie) S van Balen

    Sophie van Balen (MA) is PhD candidate at Erasmus School of Philosophy. She is also PhD Council chair at OZSW (Dutch Research School of Philosophy) and editor…
    (Sophie) S van Balen
  • (Ana) AB Barbosa Mendes, MSc

    (Ana) AB Barbosa Mendes, MSc
  • dr. (Katharina) KME Bauer

    Katharina Bauer is associate professor of practical philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy. She obtained a doctorate in philosophy (*summa cum laude*) for a…
    dr. (Katharina) KME Bauer
  • dr. (Constanze) CB Binder

    Constanze Binder is associate professor in Philosophy at the Erasmus School of Philosophy, co-director of the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and…
    dr. (Constanze) CB Binder
  • prof.dr. (Vincent) V Blok

    prof.dr. (Vincent) V Blok
  • (Gergana) G Boncheva

    (Gergana) G Boncheva
  • dr. (Erik-Jan) JJFM Bos

    Erik-Jan Bos is editor-in-chief of the new edition of Descartes' correspondence (OUP). He is an internationally renowned Descartes-specialist and has published…
    dr. (Erik-Jan) JJFM Bos

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