Faculty Colloquium VI


woensdag, 19 feb 2020, 17:00


woensdag, 19 feb 2020, 18:30


Corinna Mieth will present the paper 'Thoughts on Consumer Ethics' during this Faculty Colloquium.

About the lecture
The global fashion industry is often called out for the severe working conditions prevailing in its factories, conditions which often fall well below even minimal human rights standards. Is the consumption of goods produced under such conditions morally problematic? Is there a moral claim against consumers to avoid buying such goods? Given the multitude of consumption decisions affected, such claims seem to easily overwhelm consumers. Moreover, it is problematic to tie human rights violations to individual behavior when they occur within a globalized scheme of production, as is the case with the global fashion industry. Does it therefore make sense at all to ascribe moral responsibility or moral duties to consumers? Or do they rather have a political responsibility with regard to consumption?

About the speaker
Corinna Mieth is Professor of Practical Philosophy at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. In 2019 she was a Visiting Professor at Trinity College Dublin.

Her publications include a book on positive duties in relation to the problem of world poverty and several papers on global economic injustice and human rights. Further areas of specialization are Human Dignity, Dilemmatic Cases in the Philosophy of Law, Utopian Thought, as well as Ethics and Aesthetics.