Extended, Embodied, Embedded Cognition in Philosophy Education

Grant: NWO Doctoral Grant for Teachers
Project titel: Extended, Embodied, Embedded Cognition in Philosophy Education
Researcher: Menno Calcar
Project timeline: 2021-2025

This project aims to investigate whether, and, if so, 4E-accounts of cognition (embodied, embedded, extended, enactive) can be used in philosophy education, focusing on argumentative skills. The implications of 4E cognition theory for the practice of teaching these skills are explicated, these explications are translated into applications, and these applications are tested. First, the research contributes to the substantiation of 4E-theory, since (logical) argumentation is notoriously difficult to explain in an embodied frame. Second, it explains the success of techniques and interventions that are known to enhance argumentative skills. Third, the applications that are developed can improve philosophy education.

Next to being a part of the ESPhil community, Menno is a member of EmbEd, an international research group (members based in Denmark, Korea, Italy, Iran, Egypt, the USA, the UK, etc), devoted to investigating the ramifications of 4E for education.

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