The Erasmus University Rotterdam is founded on February 1st 1973 and is known for her international orientation, expressed in many contacts, exchange programs and research co operations with universities abroad.

Education is not the only task of a university, though it is the one you will probably encounter the most as a first year student. Another important task is performing scientific research for example.

The number of students has grown enormously during the years, from 7.500 in 1973 to almost 20.000 in 2007. These students are divided amongst the faculties, approximately as follows:

Education and scientific research are the core tasks of the university. The education you will receive is based on that research, conducted both in Rotterdam and elsewhere. Some studies even educate you to become a scientific researcher yourself. So the focus definitely isn’t just on the Netherlands, but it’s international.

This is also shown in the educational programs: a number of studies are in English, a lot of international students follow one of these studies. Besides that, there are many possibilities for studying abroad at a foreign university for a part of your study.

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