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On your way to your dream job

When searching for a job, you can study LinkedIn and various job portals and stay updated. But did you know that only 20% of all job vacancies are posted through these channels? 80% of the job opportunities are hidden and found through networking. Below, we guide you step-by-step through the job application process. We provide tips and examples so that you can be well-prepared in your search for your dream job!

  • Networking means seeking advice and information. Approach it with a curious mindset.
  • Have a clear goal for which you can ask people for help. For example: "I want to explore my career options after my studies, and the position of <<...>> seems interesting to me. I see that you work in this position. May I ask you some questions about it?"
  • Ask questions about the work, the organization, and the industry, as well as about the person.
  • Seek information and advice on how to secure a job.
  • Never directly ask for a job!
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  • Write from the reader's perspective.
    • Use only relevant information on your CV for the specific job. Refer to your LinkedIn profile for additional information.
  • Make your CV scannable (On average, CV's are scanned within 9 seconds)  
    • Use headings with keywords that recruiters search for
    • Use bullet points
    • Use concise language. Avoid long sentences and stories
    • Begin sentences in your experiences with verbs; this demonstrates your experience
    • Write your CV in anti-chronological order, starting with your latest education/experience and ending with your earliest
  • Create a seperate section for study projects; your academic experience matters too
  • Including a photo is your choice
  • Keep it to 1.5-2  pages (for finance, commerce and consulting: 1 page) 
  • Write a personal profile.
  • There is no perfect or correct CV! The most important thing is to provide relevant information for the job vacancy.
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  • Start with a vacancy analysis 
  • Limit it to 1 page 
  • Structure:
    • Engaging opening (e.g., refer to a phone call or email you previously sent and express your enthusiasm).
    • Your motivation (why that position and why that company?)
    • Your sales pitch (why are you suitable for this position? You can use two paragraphs if needed).
    • Closing with a friendly invitation for an interview. 

More tips and a format for the cover letter can be found in the download.

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  • Prepare for commonly asked questions
  • Review the job description, your cover letter, and CV
  • Prepare examples that demonstrate the competencies requested in the vacancy, using the STARR method
  • Practice out loud with family and friends
  • If you don't know an answer, be honest about it
  • Be yourself!
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