How do I make a career choice?

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3 symbols for the transition to the labor market: reflection, networking and action

How do I make a career choice? The possibilities in the job market after your studies are immense! How do you choose what suits you? Our advice: start during your studies because making a choice is a process that requires time and effort. Follow these three steps:

You are the starting point of every decision-making process. It's a mix of your competencies, talents, values, interests, acquired knowledge, study experiences, work experiences, and extracurricular activities. Self-reflection provides direction to explore your future scenarios, both during and after your studies.


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In this two-part workshop, you gain insights into yourself and your interests. You explore various future possibilities in the job market.

Time to explore a new world! With the scenarios you have developed, you can test and enrich the reality behind your ideas. While much can be found online, it usually doesn't give a complete picture. Ask questions to people (alumni) and present yourself during the exploration phase. How? By networking (online or offline) and showcasing yourself.

By exploring and talking to people in the field, you discover what aligns with your interests and what doesn't. You expand your circles. As your knowledge grows, you will eventually narrow down to 1 or 2 scenarios to focus on in your job search.

Need help in exploring the job market?

Once you have clarity on your desired career path, it's time to set goals. You do this by creating a plan and executing it step by step. A career action plan will help you in this process. Practical matters come into play, such as:

  • Career planning. Be inspired by possibilities for your plan.
  • Organization research & job analysis
  • Networking for a job
  • Cover letter & CV
  • Job interview
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Cover letter & CV
Job Interview
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