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Career Services has workshops for every phase of your choice process, which help you choose your study and/or career.

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Exam anxiety training

Do you have a lot of stress while preparing or taking an exam? Then this training might be useful for you!

The exam anxiety training is intended for those who have difficulty starting preparations for an exam; if you often postpone taking a retake until the last round; if you keep getting sick before an exam; if you experience a lot of stress during the exam period; if you ever suffer from blackouts during exams or if you do not allow yourself a minute to relax during exam time.

In the training you will learn how to prepare and take an exam without suffering from excessive physical tension and annoying disturbing thoughts.

Please note: this training is only given in Dutch.

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Stress management group

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Do you have trouble concentrating while studying or taking tests? Then the Stress Management Group might be the thing for you!

The stress management group is intended for students that experience high levels of stress during studying, test taking (test anxiety), or giving a talk; for students who think the work they have done is never good enough; for students who cannot bring themselves to start studying or feel too anxious to stop studying, or have trouble concentrating when they do study.

In this group, students learn and practice new skills, based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles, to challenge and change their perfectionistic thinking and maladaptive skills. Students will learn skills to manage anxiety provoking thoughts and managing difficult emotions that come up.

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Study Optimization Group

Are you not studying enough because you always postpone learning? Or are you unable to take enough rest, for fear of not having studied enough? Do you want to work on improvement? Then participate in this workshop and training.

In the workshop  the background of what can be of study-avoiding behavior will be explained. At the end of the workshop you can decide if you want to participate in the training. In the training the emphasis is on practicing making a realistic weekly schedule, by reflecting together on a solution-focused way on what you are doing.

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Imperfect Power

Perfectionism goes hand in hand with dedication, attention to detail, drive and perseverance, but also with uncertainty and stress. Perfectionism goes hand in hand with “never good enough”. The perfectionist scores high on control and doesn’t just hand things over. This takes a lot of energy.

In this training, based on recent studies, we will focus on how you deal with your perfectionism in a constructive way and thus reduce stress.  You will learn how to find a good balance between commitment, performance and expectations.  

Please note: this training is only intended for Non-Dutch speaking students.

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Social anxiety training

Do you experience fear when giving a presentation, chairing a PGO working group or speaking during a lecture or working group? Then you can participate in this training.

In the training you will learn to feel more free when speaking in a group. Practicing speaking in a group frequently and in many ways is the common thread of the meetings. Registration is always preceded by an intake interview to determine whether participation is useful for you.

Please note: this training is only given in Dutch.

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Thesis group

Are you well on your way with your thesis, but are you unable to complete it? For help with the process of writing the thesis, you can participate in the thesis group.

The thesis group is intended for students who are working on their thesis, but find it difficult to motivate themselves. In a group of a maximum of 10 participants, you will meet weekly to agree on the goals you want to set for yourself for the upcoming week. During the week you will have telephone contact with another student to hear how things are going. During the next meeting you discuss whether you have achieved the set goals, check each other's work and set new goals for the upcoming week.

The group is not intended for substantive supervision of your thesis.

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Know-Yourself group

Do you notice that you are often insecure and compare yourself to others? Do you have difficulty maintaining relationships or friendships? Then participation in the Know-Yourself group could be something for you.

If you want to work on your insecurities, this group could be something for you. We will discuss a number of themes that will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better. How do you deal with these themes and what problems do you experience? What are you doing well, what are you unsure about and what does this have to do with? How can you tackle these problems in a healthy and effective way?

Please note: this training is only given in Dutch.

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