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Erasmus School of Economics is looking for young alumni (max. 35 years) willing to share their experience with high school or bachelor students, who are currently facing the challenge of choosing their bachelor or master programme.

Would you like to help these prospective students by telling them on an Open Day about your current job and how this matches with the knowledge and skills gained from your study programme? Our Open Days take place on Saturdays and we are looking for alumni who are willing to give a short presentation (alone or together with another alumna/alumnus) and answer questions from prospects. This will take approximately one hour of your time on an Open Day.

Are you not so keen on giving presentations, but would you like to help us in another way? In our brochures and on our website we give prospects insight in the experience from current students and alumni by publishing short, personal testimonials

Please fill out the form below if you would like to help these prospective students. We will contact you as soon as we’ve got an event or new promotional materials coming up, that we would like you to contribute to.

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