Contract Research

The Erasmus University has several enterprises that conduct contract research. These enterprises specialize in the application of academic knowledge into the business environment. You as an alumnus may have an immense interest to learn about the newest developments in the academic fields and apply them into your business.

Below you will find an overview of the different enterprises within the EUR that are operating in the fields of expertise of Erasmus School of Economics. 

  • Erasmus Q-Intelligence (Dutch Only)

    Erasmus Q-Intelligence offers innovative solutions and insights for quantitative matters based on decades of scientific research in the fields of econometrics, data science and business analytics.

    EQI is a component of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and affiliated with the Econometric institute of Erasmus School of Economics.

    Read more on their website Erasmus Q-Intelligence

  • Smart Port

    Smart Port is the link between the Dutch logistics sector and the academic world. Smart Port conducts research, policy support and training in the field of Maritime Economics and Logistics. Smart Port, in particular, uses knowledge and science of the Centre for Maritime Economics and Logistics and the Department of Econometrics of Erasmus School of Economics.

    Read more on their website Smart Port

  • SEOR

    SEOR seeks to enlarge the insights into socio-economic issues through research and consultancy. Through this, SEOR aims to contribute to the scientifically responsible solutions of socio-economic issues.  

    Read more on their website SEOR