Study Associations

  • Study associations are linked to specific studies. As a member of a study association, you get some great benefits, such as a discount on your study books, study trips and cool parties for you and your fellow students. Study associations are run by students, mostly second year or older. 

    If you have any question about one of our study association please contact them through their own website. To read more about them you can click on the links below.

  • EFR Alumni Association

    EFR Alumni Association  The EFR Alumni Association is the alumni association of the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR). It has been founded in 2001 and aims to maintain, improve and strengthen existing ties among EFR Alumni and between EFR Alumni and the EFR.   The EFR Alumni Association offers a stable and diverse base of EFR Alumni activities fit for all EFR Alumni. The activities range from a yearly dinner for former Board Members, Business Week and ERD to the summer activity for former Committee Members. If you want more information about the EFR Alumni Association you can contact the Secretary of the EFR Alumni association by sending an e-mail to You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Financial Study Association Rotterdam Alumni

    The FSR Alumni association is the alumni association of the Financial Study association Rotterdam and is established on the 22nd of October 2004. The FSR Alumni association has around 170 members who have been active in many different years of the FSR, the former association for Accounting 'Pacioli' or the former association for Finance 'Pecunia'.

    The goal of the association is to keep contacts warm between former board members and former committee members of the FSR, Pacioli or Pecunia. To reach this goal, several drinks and activities are organized throughout the year, such as the Alumni Golf Tournament. Morever, the magazine 'Kroonrede' is published twice a year and a digital almanac is spread among all members.

    Do you want to become a member of the FSR alumni association? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

  • Rotterdam Network of Econometricians

    RECNET (Rotterdams EConometristen NETwerk; Rotterdam Network of Econometricians) is the association for EUR Econometrics alumni as well as current and former members of the Econometric Institute (EI). After your graduation you become a member of RECNET.

    When you have graduated, you will spread your wings and you and your friends will probably go separate ways. Some people will stay in Rotterdam, but the most will probably go working in another city, maybe even in a different country. The danger is then to lose sight of each other. RECNET organises (in cooperation with FAECTOR, the Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research) several activities like drinks and company visits throughout the year. In this way you can stay in contact with your student friends. Next to the fact that it is very nice to hear their stories, maybe their experiences will give you some inspiration. Moreover, it is great to bring back the memories of your period as a student Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    To stay up to date with RECNET events, please go to Alumni FAECTOR and become a member of the RECNET/FAECTOR LinkedIn group 

  • In Duplo

    Ex Duplo

    Ex Duplo organizes activities for alumni of both the mr.drs.-programme (economics & law) and the double bachelor programme (business & law). Alumni of those programmes can participate in alumni activities in two ways. The easiest way is to be part of the mr.drs.-alumni network, simply by having your contact details known at the Alumni Committee from In Duplo ( and LinkedIn). This in order to be invited to contribute to student activities by speaking or educating or to participate in alumni activities. The second way is to be a member of the alumni association Ex Duplo ( and LinkedIn). 

  • AEclipse AElumni Network

    Are you finshed with your master and would you like to stay in touch with your fellow students of International Economics, Policy Economics and Economics of Management and Organisations? Then you should join the AEclipse AElumni network! It is possible to stay connected with AEclipse and with the students of your year via our groups on LinkedIn.

    Become a member of our AEclipse LinkedIn group to stay in touch! 

    Beside our general AEclipse group, we also have groups for each graduating year. That way you can stay more closely connected with the students of your year. These are the links to the groups:


  • VRiSBI Alumni Association

    The VRiSBI Alumni Association is the alumni associations for graduates of the studies Economics & Informatics, Information & Economics or Managerial Informatica.

    Our aim is to maintain strong ties between former fellow students and to strengthen ties with teachers and former fellow students. By this, we want to establish the exchange of knowledge between former classmates and university. Throughout the year, there are various activities organized such as alumni dinners, networking events and lectures.

    Want to join the VRiSBI Alumni Association? Join our alumni group on LinkedIn.

  • ECE Students Alumni Association

    Established in 2013, ECE Students continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our current and past active members have continued to display a strong sense of business acumen to become inspiring individuals in their professional ventures.

    If you are an ECE Students alumnus and are interested in keeping in touch with this wonderful community, feel free to connect on our Facebook and Linkedin groups and/or send an email with your inquiries and wishes to


  • MAEUR+

    The MAEUR+ is the alumni association of the Marketing Association EUR. MAEUR+ has been set up to maintain a valuable relationship between the Marketing Association EUR and its alumni and to stimulate on-going communication amongst its members. By hosting social events we encourage our alumni to catch up and to share old memories. In other words, with MAEUR+ we are striving to give something back for your year(s) of commitment as an active member or board member.  

    The MAEUR+ consists of former committee members and board members of the Marketing Association EUR. If you would like to become a member or if you would like to know more about our alumni association you can send an email to

  • Aanmerkelijk Belang - Christiaanse Taxateur

    ‘Aanmerkelijk Belang’ is the alumni association of the R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur. Both alumni in economics of taxation and tax law are welcome to become member of our association. Throughout the year we organise multiple activities and social drinks were you can catch up with your former classmates and meet other alumni. Furthermore we host a convention in collaboration with FEI B.V. where members of ‘Aanmerkelijk Belang’ can register themselves at a discount of 50%. Finally, a quarterly newsletter is send to all the member in order to keep in contact with the activities and events of both the faculty and the R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur.  

    Do you want to become a member of ‘Aanmerkelijk Belang’? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

  • Transito Alumni

    After graduating the Urban, Port and Transport master’s program, it is great to stay in touch with each other and with the current students. Transito therefore has multiple occasions to do either of the two, or both. To keep up to date with the updates about the current master students and the upcoming events, please join us on Linkedin. For more informal communication, mostly concerning social events focused on both current as well as past students, join us on Facebook.

    To become a Transito member, and receive our mailings and get discount on our alumni events, subscribe on our website

  • Accountancykring

    Is there life after graduation? Of course there is. For more than 30 years, the EUR Accountancy Round table (Accountancy Kring EUR) has served as an enduring link for alumni of postdoctoral accountancy programmes. Meetings are held as much as possible on the EUR Woudestein Campus, enabling alumni to also maintain a physical link with their alma mater. Meetings are generally scheduled onj working days between 15.30u and 19.00u and are followed by snacks and a drink. The meetings are designed primarily to enable members to meet or catch up with fellow alumni in an informal setting. To date, a substantial number of prominent keynote speakers have opened our meetings. The talks generally address issues relevant to accountants, emphasising what is going on behind the scenes. Previous topics include the impact of the Port of Rotterdam, the commercial shift from savings banks to full-service banks, the casino business, drugs policy and the business community, outsourcing of accounting positions and M-commerce (i.e. conducting commerce via mobile phones and other hand held devices). 

    In addition, ample time is dedicated to current professional issues, presented by lecturers of the faculties' continuing education programme that does not receive public funding (postinitiele opleiding), An independent association, the Accountancy Round table has about 160 members and is separate from the organisations of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Register Accountants (NIVRA). Membership and meeting participation is free of charge. By attending meetings, members earn accreditation points towards the NIVRA continuous education obligation. 

    If you are interested in or would like to learn more about the EUR Accountancy Roundtable, contact the secretary, Hans van der Vlies, by e-mail, or the Chair, Fred Steenwinkel, by e-mail All graduates of the EUR theoretical Accountancy programme are automatically registered as members. 

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