Why this programme

Double bachelor BSc² in Econometrics and Economics
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What does this study entail?

Economists strive for a deep understanding of economic problems. Econometricians develop mathematical and statistical tools that, combined with data, can solve them. Are you interested in both? This programme provides you with a thorough understanding of how economics works and gives you access to the latest methods to analyse economic problems and calculate their solutions. 

Are you as ambitious as you are inquisitive? Erasmus School of Economics offers you a unique opportunity to acquire both profound economic insights and practical quantitative econometric skills in only four years.

This programme allows you to focus on conceptual matters like inflation, valuation and production as well as quantitative issues like risk, forecasts, uncertainty, probability and scenario analysis. During the BSc² programme you will address questions such as:

•    How will interest rates and stock prices evolve?
•    How can we enhance the effectiveness of advertising by using Big Data?
•    How will changes in unemployment rates affect consumer spending?
•    What can be done to prevent a new ‘Eurozone crisis’?

Is this the right programme for you?

Do you have an above-average interest in economic developments, social issues and solving mathematical problems? Do you have the talent to learn how to solve economic issues using the most advanced techniques? Are original thoughts your forte? Are you self-motivated and eager to discover new things? Do you have what it takes to follow two programmes at once? Then BSc² is a good choice for you.

The following traits will stand you in good stead to be successful in this study:

  • You like solving mathematical puzzles and riddles.
  • You are interested in both the practical and theoretical aspects of issues in economics and business.
  • Studying in English poses no serious problem for you.
  • An international setting appeals to you.
  • You are interested in working with computers, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

We advise you to take a close look at the admission requirements.

Why study for the Double bachelor BSc² in Econometrics and Economics in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a vibrant, multicultural city that is at the forefront of exciting developments in industry, logistics, science, culture and architecture. It is also the place where modern Econometrics was born at the acclaimed Econometric Institute, cofounded in 1956 by Nobel laureate Jan Tinbergen. With this solid background, the world within reach and every opportunity to kick-off a great career, where else would you want to study but Erasmus School of Economics?
Here you will have access to:
•    An exclusive double bachelor, internationally valued in both the public and private sector
•    A unique combination of insights and skills
•    Intensive individual academic support
•    Plenty of challenges for excellent students
•    A vast international business and academic network.

Why study double Bachelor Econometrics and Economics?

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