Frequently Asked Questions

    • Attending the Take-Off is obligatory. The information you will receive this day is very important and determinative for a successful start of your study. During this day you will receive an introduction to your studies and your school and meet your fellow students. Thereby you will receive an explanation about all information systems used within the University. If you are absent, it is your own responsibility to obtain the information.

    • The Take-Off for bachelor, exchange and pre-master students takes place on 3 September. For almost all programmes, the master Take-Off takes place on 4 September. There is one exception, the Master Accounting, Auditing and Control will have Take-Off activities on both 3 and 4 September.

      The Take-Off activities for all programmes will start around 8.30 A.M. We advise the students to be in Rotterdam in time, so there won’t be any problems with attendance. 

    • No, it is not necessary to subscribe for the Take-Off. You will be automatically subscribed.

    • Students for the Dutch bachelor programmes: you should receive your ERNA account username and password two months before the start of the academic year via e-mail.

      Students for all other study programmes: you have received your ERNA account username and password immediately after registering in Studielink. You used it to login to the EUR Admissions Portal. For some of you this was a few months ago, please check your email in case you cannot remember it.

      If you have not received your ERNA details, then you can contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC). You can find their contact details here:

    • All students who have indicated a Dutch living address in Studielink, will receive their student card by post, within 2 weeks after your enrolment is confirmed. All (international) students, who do not yet have a Dutch address, will receive their student card at the day of the Take-Off.

    • By the middle of August we will already post the provisional programme on our website. You will receive a final schedule via e-mail by the end of August. Do not forget to check your spam folder regularly, as our e-mails are sometimes recognized as spam. Should this happen, please mark us as “not-spam” so that future emails will appear in your inbox.

    • The timetable for lectures and tutorials for the first block will be published on the 3rd of September in the evening. This means that on the first day of the academic year you will get to know when you have to be at University and when you do not. Unfortunately we cannot share the timetables with you any sooner.

    • Bachelor, Pre-Master and exchange students don’t have to register themselves for courses. This will be done automatically. Master students will get information about how to enrol for courses during the Take-Off itself. We kindly ask you to not try to subscribe for courses prior to the Take-Off when you are not familiar with the information systems we use. All will be explained during the Take-Off.

      For the first block there is an extended deadline for subscription for courses. The deadline for courses for the first block is 4 September 23.59, so there is still room to subscribe.

    • You don’t need to buy books in advance. You can either buy your books in the Studystore at the start of the block or you can obtain them via the study association of your study. During the Take-Off you will get to know the study association of your study programme.

    • There are several options to get to know new people before starting your studies. You can join the Eurekaweek ( or introduction weekends from different study associations. There are also some Facebook groups that you can join to get to know new people. More information on this can be found on the specific pages of your study programme on our website.

    • Information will be send to you depending on when you’ve completed your registration for your study programme. Don’t worry if you don’t receive any information straight away; we will send information at several times the coming months. This means we will include you in the first mailing after completion of your registration. Do not forget to check your spam folder regularly, as our e-mails are sometimes recognized as spam. Should this happen, please mark us as “not-spam” so that future emails will appear in your inbox.

    • Each student receives a confirmation from Studielink once your enrolment is complete. During the summer, the University will send you reminders in case something is missing in order to finalise your enrolment. Such as payment of tuition fee or a portrait photo to prepare your student card. When you are unsure about the status of your enrolment, please contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC).

    • This test is intended to give a student individual insight into the starting level that Erasmus School of Economics expects from a student. If the test shows that you are behind, we recommend self-study in the form of extra assignments in the Introduction Analysis box. You will get the test results around the middle of the first week. This is in the form of a general opinion, so there are no further consequences.