Courses and registration

Available courses:

Erasmus School of Economics offers bachelor courses to incoming exchange students. Master courses are only allowed to be followed when this is agreed upon between your Home Institution and Erasmus School of Economics.

In Block 1, exchange students can opt for a minor offered by Erasmus School of Economics (all courses equaling 12 or 15 ECTS). A minor is a coherent combination of courses of 12 or 15 credits in total. A minor is meant to be a valuable addition to the general study curriculum and can give a deeper understanding of one specific field within economics and business. Click here to find more information about our minor courses (MyEUR).

In Block 2, several electives can be followed covering different subjects within economics and business. In Block 3 and 4, Ba-3 students will follow a major. This is a coherent package of major courses (Block 3) and a major seminar (Block 4). Click here for more information about our major courses (MyEUR).

Students are advised to take on a study workload of approximately 12 ECTS per Block. Students who need to obtain 30 ECTS per 2 Blocks (or 60 in 4 Blocks) do need to choose more classes and their workload is more than other students. Instead, students can also opt to take courses in block 5. Please note that in Block 4 it is only possible to follow one seminar.

Descriptions of the courses listed in the overviews may be found on

Registering for courses and examinations

If you are an exchange student during the fall semester, Erasmus School of Economics will ask you for the minor of your preference in advance and will register you accordingly. Registration for the second block is only available during block 1. Students will receive an email from the exchange coordinator in order to register. Students should pay close attention to requirements for course registration. Some courses require successful participation in courses from previous blocks.

If you are an exchange student during the spring semester, Erasmus School of Economics will ask you for your preferred courses in Block 3 and will register you accordingly. In block 4 you can follow one seminar. Again, you will be asked by email which seminar you would like to follow. Because of limited availability, you will have to list three of your preferences.

When you are registered for a course you are registered for the exam as well.

Block system

Generally, exchange students study for either 2 or 4/5 blocks at Erasmus School of Economics. Each block consists of 8 weeks; 7 weeks of classes, followed by 1 week of examinations. Click here for the academic calendar for 2017-2018. All lecture weeks, exam weeks and holidays are clearly indicated.