Mathematics Deficiency Exam

Mathematics entrance examination in short

For many studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), you can only be admitted if you have a certain demonstrable level of mathematics. If you cannot demonstrate this level, you are mathematically deficient. See our main page 'Admission' to read about the admission requirements of EUR programmes, including the requirements regarding the required level of mathematics of our programmes.

Further down this page is an overview of the Mathematics test for each programme.

If your math level does not meet the admission requirements of the EUR-programme of your choice, you can reach this level by successfully completing the relevant math state exams.

Or by the following:

  • Submitting a math vwo partial certiļ¬cate; or
  • successfully complete the OMPT test; or
  • the CCVX test Mathematics or
  • pass the mathematics exam of the Boswell Beta Institute in Utrecht.

Successful completion of a program's mathematics deficiency test does not entitle the student to automatic admission to that programme. This simply ensures that it no longer matters to your application that you did not acquire the appropriate level of mathematics during your prior education.

Please note that some programs have a numerus fixus (e.g. medicine); this effectively means that there are a limited number of places for new students. For these types of programs, you usually need to apply earlier, and you will need proof of application from DUO when you apply. For more information, see this page from the government and this page from DUO about this.

Also check the contact information and more information about the admission requirements, possible admission procedures and deadlines for application per programme. Or start your registration with a study choice check.

Mathematics level 1 (C) (OMPT)

(Mathematics Level 1 / OMPT-E / VWO (part)
Certificate Mathematics C)

  • Institute of Health Policy Management, BMG
  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Mathematics level 1 (C) (OMPT)
(English version required)

(Mathematics Level 1 / OMPT-E / VWO (part)
Certificate Mathematics C)


  • International Bachelor Communication & Media (IBCOM)

Mathematics level 2 (A) RSM (OMPT)

OMPT at least 70%, VWO Mathematics A at least 7.0 or VWO Mathematics B at least 6.0

  • Bedrijfskunde


Mathematics level 2 (A) ESE (OMPT)
(for study programmes at ESE a minimum grade of 7,5 is required)


  • Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
  • Fiscale Economie


Mathematics level 2 (A) IBA (OMPT)
(English version required)

OMPT minimum 75%, VWO Mathematics A 7.0 or VWO Mathematics B minimum 6.0


  • International Business Administration


Mathematics (B) (OMPT-D minimum score 75%)
(for study programmes at ESE a minimum grade of 7,5 is required)


  • Econometrie en Operationele Research

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