Bridging the gap between the general public and economists: Economie Festival

Robert Dur

From the initiative of Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives and Performance at Erasmus School of Economics, and Hans Kennepohl, programme creator at Arminius, the Economie Festival will be held during the last weekend of June.

The festival is organized at the occasion of Erasmus School of Economics’ 110th birthday and the Royal Dutch Economic Association (KVS)’s 175th birthday. Scheduled from 28 to 30 June, the festival promises an engaging array of debates, lectures, film screenings, as well as music and cabaret performances, spread across various venues throughout the city.


‘The festival aims to foster an exchange between the general public and economists,’ remarks Dur, emphasizing its dual purpose: igniting interest in economic issues among the lay public and bridging the gap between economists and real-world experiences. That is why the festival is designed to be as accessible as possible. The different programme items are scheduled in such a manner that they allow ample time for attendees to navigate between venues, perhaps even grabbing a bite to eat. ‘This way, people can truly make a day of it, or even a whole weekend’ Robert Dur adds. In addition, tickets for the festival are available at a reduced price, making it possible for as many people as possible to attend.

Poster van het Economie Festival in Arminius

Diverse programme

The programme boasts a diverse lineup of events. A special guest of the festival is the Minister of Finance, who will answer questions from the audience in the Saturday evening’s talkshow. Different cinemas in Rotterdam will screen films that are introduced by an economist, including Tom Cruise's breakout performance in Risky Business (1983). There are also thought-provoking discussions on the agenda, such as ‘Leven op de pof?’ exploring government budgets and debts. Barbara Baarsma, professor at Universiteit van Amsterdam, and Gijs van der Vlugt from the Ministry of Finance, will talk about their perspectives, followed by an open discussion with Dutch Parliament members Senna Maatoug (Groenlinks-PvdA) and Agnes Joseph (Nieuw Sociaal Contract). For those seeking entertainment, there will be live music and cabaret, such as the recurring Six Strings Session at Walhalla theatre, promise an immersive experience. This edition's thematic focus revolves around money, ranging from popular hits to intriguing anecdotes discussing currency matters.

More information

The full programme of the festival and tickets are available through the website of the Economie Festival.

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Media & Public Relations Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, mobile phone: +31 6 53 641 846.

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