The changing work mentality among young people

De Volkskrant
Robert Dur

Robert Dur, Professor of Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, discusses the changing mentality of young people in today's job market in an article in De Volkskrant. Young people today crave more freedom, the Professor said.

Dur does not have to think long about why attitudes among young people have changed. In fact, this phenomenon has largely to do with current economic conditions: 'when it is difficult to find a job, the focus is very much on income, whereas in favourable times, content and meaning are considered much more important,' the Professor said. In other words, in favourable economic times like now, the focus is not so much on salary, but on how much fun someone gets out of their job.

Dur also came to another striking conclusion: the starting position determines the rest of the career. If one has a three-day weekend during their starting period, they would like this throughout their career. Yet the above does not apply to all young people, Dur said: 'those in a vulnerable position in the labour market will not be able to afford a 'nice' job or self-development even in economically favourable times.' 

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You can read the full article from De Volkskrant, 12 November 2022, here

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