EUR Fellowship for Chen Li

Chen Li, Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Economics

Assistant Professor Chen Li of Erasmus School of Economics has obtained an EUR Fellowship. With the EUR Fellowship Erasmus University Rotterdam is supporting talented researchers at the early stage of their academic career. The fellowship consists of a grant of € 135,000, to carry out research for a maximum of two years.

Research proposal of Chen Li

Chen Li’s proposed research Identifying and Reducing Biases under Social Uncertainty focuses on ambiguities – uncertain situations where probabilities of events are unknown. Experiences not only shape our beliefs about occurrences of events but also influence our attitudes towards ambiguities. In turn, both our beliefs and ambiguity attitudes affect our decisions. The project identifies biases in beliefs towards others in social interactions, using modern developments in ambiguity (uncertainty) theory.

About Chen Li

Chen Li is an Assistant Professor in Behavioural Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. She focuses on decision making under uncertainty and over time. Her research addresses questions such as whether the poor are more averse to ambiguity, how learning affect people's ambiguity attitudes, and how people's beliefs and attitudes towards uncertainty affect their decisions in social

Assistant professor

Chen Li

More information

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communications Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, mobile phone: +31 6 53 641 846

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