Freight sector Maastricht Airport provides 3300 jobs in the region

Nieuwsblad Transport

The cargo activities of Maastricht Aachen Airport provide an added value of 300 million euros to Limburg's regional economy. Floris de Haan, senior researcher in aeronautics at Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics and university lecturer at Erasmus School of Economics, states that the air freight transport at the regional airport accounts for around 3300 jobs.

In addition to jobs in processing, storage and shipping, it also involves employment in road transport and at suppliers, says de Haan. In a statement, he points out that Maastricht Airport's economic importance for the regional and national economy has been charted for the first time. In the previous monitor for 2017, the added value of Maastricht Airport was still missing. Last year, Maastricht Airport saw a sharp increase in cargo transport, partly due to the lack of slots at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Emirates, among others, moved its flights from the Dutch main port to the regional airport.

Floris de Haan
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