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Hi! My name is Philipp and I’m 18 years old. I originally come from Austria and Germany, but have lived in France, Sweden, and England, before moving here to Rotterdam. I’m currently a second-year student of the International Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics. 

Why did you choose this study programme? 

I chose this programme for several reasons. Firstly, the content is not purely “economics” but also combines other subjects such as accounting, finance, and organisation and strategy, and I felt this breadth of content to be very appealing. Secondly, I had heard how diverse and international this programme, and Erasmus University Rotterdam is (and this is actually the case). I wanted to be able to meet people of different cultures and learn about their experiences. 

What is your favorite subject and/or favorite teacher? 

I think it is very hard to narrow it down to one “favorite” subject. The overall best subject for me personally has been “Applied Microeconomics”, simply because it was extremely interesting to start getting a more nuanced and practical insight into how microeconomic theory is applied to real-life. However, I have also really enjoyed the other courses I have taken, particularly the course “Organisation and Strategy”. 

What is the most interesting you learned so far? 

I think the most interesting thing, would have to be within the course “Organisastion and Strategy”, about competitive advantage and strategic positioning. Specifically how firms can choose a strategy that is best for them to create value and enjoy a competitive advantage over other firms.  

What is your favorite study-break spot on campus? 

Erasmus Sport building

My favourite study-break spot on campus would have to be the Erasmus Sport Fitness Centre, on campus. Its great to just take your mind of off other things, and purely focus on your workout, and hangout with friends there. Similarly, the Erasmus Food Plaza, and “Café in de Smitse” are also great places to take a break from studying, destress, and hangout with friends for me. 

What is your best tip for doing fun things in Rotterdam? 

I think the absolute best thing is to enjoy the nightlife in the city centre. There is always something going on, that you may be interested in. Its also great to make new friends and to socialize. I would also highly recommend going to the Kralingse Plas (a lake), in the summer when the weather is better, to play volleyball on the beach or simply to hangout with your friends, and have some drinks. 

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