Committees on Education

Public administration, Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences all have an education committee. These committees gather to discuss matters related to education. If a problem occurs related to the education at Sociology, the education committee of Sociology will handle this. The educational committee consists of teachers and students who discuss current affairs with regard to education. Students, who are part of the committee, each represent a different year of the study. Thus, the education committee has a broad perspective on different things that are going on within the study. Many issues are immediately taken care of within the education committee as teachers are present. They are well-informed on the cases that are being discussed. This enables them to act in a swift and efficient way. Complaints are often related to exams that are not checked on time, changes within education, dealing with fraud and evaluating the qaulity of the education.

The various education committees do not have the right of assent when cases are handled. However, they are allowed to give their opinion, upon request or unsolicited. In practice, the Faculty Council will reflect on a case in an independent way, while also listening attentively to the advice of the education committee, without assuming it a priori. They will look at a case with attention and care and formulate their own opinion.

Every year students are needed to represent a study year in one of the educational committees. Are you interested in participating? Please contact your study advisor.

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