Complaint Regulation

Students who are part of one of the various joint decision making bodies represent other students. It is important for them to know what is going on amongst their peers. Information can be gathered by talking to other students. In addition, the Complaint Regulation serves as a vital instrument to collect valuable information related to the opinions and experiences of students.

Student association Cedo Nulli is responsible for the Complaint Regulation of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The Committee Education handles complaints related to education and will always confirm the receipt of a complaint. Subsequently, it will try to find a solution for it. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss the complaint during a meeting of the Student Consultative Body of the Faculty. The various joint decision making bodies are represented during this meeting. The most suitable body that is part of the meeting will handle the complaint. In general, the Commissioner Education will inform the education committee or, in case of a more severe case, forward the complaint to the Faculty Council. The person who has submitted the complaint remains anonymous. The only one who knows the identity of this person is the Commissioner Education of Cedo Nulli. He or she is also responsible for the communication with this person. 

Email address for complaints

There are various ways to submit a complaint or an idea to the ESSB. One possibility is to address a student representative who is part of one of the educational committees or the Faculty Council. Please use the following email address: The Commissioner Education of Cedo Nulli is in charge of this mailbox.   

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