Sending required documents

Sending the originals of certified copies of your documents per post within four weeks’ time upon the receipt of the offer (unless you received the offer after mid-summer or have not graduated yet, in which case the documents should reach us before mid-August) completes your application and enables us to admit you for enrollment. 

Required documents

  • A certified copy of your higher education degree diploma(s);
  • A certified translation of the copy of your university diploma(s) if the original is not in English, Dutch or German;    
  • A certified copy of your official university academic transcripts of record (grade list);          
  • A certified translation of your official university academic transcripts if the original is not in English, Dutch or German;

Special cases:

  • If you have not yet completed your higher education degree
    yet, read more about this at the bottom of this page: the timing of sending the documents is somewhat different;  
  • For the applicants who have obtained a degree of higher education in English and requested an exemption from a language test 
    on basis of that – a hard copy of the proof of the language of instruction being English (e.g., an original letter from the university or a passage in the diploma stating that - if the country of the education-provider is not one of the following: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America). 
    You do not need to send us the hard copy of your language test score
  • For applicants with Dutch prior education a "digitaal uittreksel diplomagegevens" is counted as a certified document, so they do not need to present hard copies of their diplomas, emailing the digitaal uittreksel  to the address from which they received an offer of admission, suffices.
    These applicants do, however, have to send a certified hard copy of their final academic transcript/ grade list or statement/ letter from the university per post.
    They can also come by our office with the original, we will make copies for them. A certified copy is a copy of a document, legal or other, which contains a seal and a signature that establish that the document is genuine, a true copy. A document may be certified by an official authorised person (a university employee, a notary, a sworn translator etc. - depending on the particular country). A photocopy of an original or a certified copy is not counted as a certified document unless it is signed and stamped by the authorised person after photocopying.  

Postal address

Please mind that only after we have received the documents per post your application for admission will transition into enrollment. If you are anywhere around the university, you can also deliver the documents yourself, to our office. Below are the addresses you can use to send the documents to us:

Erasmus University Rotterdam
International Office, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, T15-12
Attn.: Master’s programme
P.O. Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam Please use the visiting address if you are sending packages by courier.

Erasmus University Rotterdam
International Office, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, T15-12
Attn.:Master’s programme
Burg. Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam

Not graduated at the moment of application

  • If you are expecting to graduate before the end of August but will not come in possession of the diploma yet (we are aware that at some universities diplomas are issued several months after the academic obligations are fulfilled), please make sure that a letter from your university stating that you have graduated and fulfilled all the requirements (180 ECTS or an equivalent) of your bachelor’s studies (or whichever level is applicable in your case) reaches us before the last week of August (together with the final transcript). An example of such a letter by your university can be found in the image below: 
  • For the students of our own faculty it suffices to send a digital version of a student copy of the academic transcript (studievoortgangsoverzicht) indicating that they have fulfilled all the requirements of the programme.
  • If you graduate after you are admitted but later than 4 weeks after admission, do not rush to send the intermediate documents - send the educational documents when they are ready (but before mid-August) - there is no need to do it twice. 
  • If you choose to settle things related to documents in the last two weeks of August, we can give you no guarantee that your enrollment will be complete – you will be competing with thousands of other late-senders for the attention of just a few employees manually processing your data in the system.

Bottom line: send in your final documents as soon as you have them. We need them both scanned and in hard copy