Why this Study programme

Engaging Public Issues

What is this programme (MSc) about?

If you’re interested in understanding how algorithms can be racist, how your smartphone is a political object, or how climate change becomes an issue for a growing number of people, this programme is for you. It deals with contemporary public issues such as racism, automation or global warming that mobilize people to work towards change. Such issues are shaped far beyond the traditional domain of electoral politics and involve publics with different identities and interests, and with wholly different ways of imagining the future.

This programme doesn’t place one issue front and center. It provides you with the tools to navigate and broker public issues, to develop your own engagement with them and to intervene in them.

Ours is a time of global warming, racism and sexism, and omnipresent ‘smart’ technologies impacting our lives. We need people able to analyze how such issues are publicly contested and engaged with.
The Engaging Public Issues track at Erasmus University Rotterdam comes to life due to the international character of the city and the student body at the university.

Why choose this programme?

This programme:

  • provides the tools to critically analyze the key issues of today;
  • works from, and helps develop, students own engagement with those issues;
  • has dedicated professors, awarded with the best teacher awards by students in their department, and with experience in public social science;
  • has small-scale, interactive tutorials, with lots of attention for the individual student;
  • improves students’ ability to meaningfully work with people who come from a variety of backgrounds and have different types of expertise
  • The Social Sciences Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam ranks the highest of all of the continental European universities in the Shanghai Ranking

Engaging Public Issues on a practical level

Professor Willem Schinkel discusses climate change and the anthropocene with an American colleague, watch here!

Statement against Anti-Black Racism and White Supremacy

Read our statement regarding our ongoing efforts to counter and abolish anti-Black racism and white supremacy within the Engaging Public Issues (EPI) master track in sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Why study at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Welcome to the highly-ranked Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), a research university located in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. EUR offers 13 selective bachelor programmes, and more than 50 top master programmes, taught in English.

Erasmus University traces its origins back to 1913. The university has become internationally recognised for its distinct social orientation in education and research. Our 30,000+ students come from more than 100 countries all around the world.

Erasmus University Rotterdam. Make it happen.

Rotterdam: Make It Happen

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